Celebrate diversity with unique, authentic multicultural resources

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Multicultural resources play an important role in our classrooms, childcare centres and homes as we embrace our place in a global community. Quality teaching resources, like decorative mats, bilingual books and preschool learning games make understanding diversity easy. Our unique products teach about culture through stories, music, art and play, ensuring even the youngest learner can develop a deeper understanding of their own cultural environment as well as world cultures.

Australian indigenous design mats, stories and games

We are proud to offer a varied range of resources that celebrate Australian indigenous cultures. Our durable, recycled floor mats feature authentic designs by indigenous artists, which means they are culturally appropriate to be walked on or sat on. They can be used together with the Little Black Game Pack, a bright card game that teaches young people about Aboriginal symbols, or as a story space for sharing one of the colourful Dreamtime books from our collection. Kids of all ages will enjoy our boomerang making kit, or a challenging bush tucker puzzle. Parents and teachers should browse our education kits and indigenous music CDs for great ideas on incorporating indigenous cultural concepts into day to day learning.

Multicultural resources and the global community

We celebrate the cultures of Australia as well as the cultures of the world in our range of teaching resources. Our indoor/outdoor recycled mats extend to Maori and Polynesian designs. These are a popular choice as childcare mats, as well as stylish décor with a multicultural flavour for any home or office. Educational tools like pretend food, picture books and kids building projects from around the world speak to children about things they can relate to while they learn about the differences that make other cultures special. Many of our resources also make beautiful multicultural gifts, with proceeds from some products going towards nonprofit organizations in the countries of origin.

Buy colourful, authentic multicultural resources online for your classroom or family and celebrate the amazing diversity of the world we live in.



  • Thank you- my mats arrived today- and I am thrilled with them! Thank you for such a great product- once my friends & family see them, they'll be ordering them too. Regards Kelly

    JJ, I dont know how you do it all> Your knowledge and resources are so valuable to our industry. You constantly have amazing topics and photos on facebook and your newsletters are fantastic, thank you for your dedication to multiculturalism, Kerrie Lada. Childcare Director and board member of QLD Childcare Assoc

    Kia Ora JJ, Received my Koru Aroha mat today. Once again .... Tu Meke. Love it!! Quality product and prompt service yet again.
    Recycled Mats rock! Shaz

    Think yr site is so amazing I have been following it for ages but was never in the situation to act. We live on Lord Howe Island, and I teach cultural studies and my chn are half Samoan but we are away from family and the culture. My husband doesn't keep the language up to them. I hope this will be a start. Thank you

    An excellant site I will be doing all my shopping from here, Leanne

    It’s so refreshing to hear and share  the excitement and enthusiasm that we both share in our industry. Here’s to doing it solo and impacting the world! Thanks again for choosing to do what you do and doing it exceptionally well! Very inspirational indeed. Raina

     I really appreciate your newsletters- they not only provide information about resources to purchase but they offer excellent FREE advice and activity ideas as well. Excellent!! Sandra

    I would like to whole-heartedly thank you on behalf of our staff, students and parents, for your tremendous  and committed support at our recent NAIDOC Day Celebration.  We have had amazing feedback from staff, students and parents regarding the day. We look forward to working in partnership with you, in promoting a positive attitude towards Indigenous culture and assisting us in encouraging our Indigenous students to be bold and proud of their culture and heritage. Naomi, Learning Support Teacher, Berserker Street State School









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